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Part Number:KW003
Eliminates wear and tear on your rollers from the hook.Eliminates hook clatter from going down the trail.Protects the winch motor and gears from pulling the cable in to far and bottoming out on the rollers.Keeps tension on the hook to eliminate the cable becoming loose.Also has slits designed in it to work as an anti-kick back for the cable if your cable was to snap.Looks great.Once you have one, everyone else that you ride, with will want one :)This Cable Hook Stopper is for the ATV and UTV Winch. It weighs 4 Oz. It is 2 5/8 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches thick. It also comes with the new cable lock. This KFI Cable Hook Stopper will fit between the two outside rollers on an ATV or UTV winch fairlead. It also works great with the synthetic rope and or the slot fairlead.

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